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House after a softwash / pressure wash The #1 Choice In
St Louis For House
We offer affordable
pricing for residential and commercial power washing services.

Let us wash you home today starting from $199
Choose a professional company
you can trust to softwash your
home effectively without
damaging it.

Customers First

Paragon isn't just a house washing company. We are a customer service company! By putting you first, our services automatically stand out because your satisfaction is a priority.

100% Guaranteed

We guarantee our work! If you are not 100% satisfied with the work we've done, we will either make it right, or refund your money. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Trained & Certified

Our staff travels to national conventions and attends training academies to ensure your property gets the very best in house washing services!

Licensed & Insured

Your property stays safe with our uniformed, licensed & insured technicians. Taking steps to protect your home is important to our team every step of the way.

Experts At House Washing

Why Choose Us:

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Family Owned and Local
  • We are fanatics about soft washing, the safe alternative to pressure washing
  • Prices starting at $199
  • We NEVER use high pressure on your homes exterior.

Benefits of Soft Washing (Low Pressure) vs Pressure Washing

  • Low Pressure eliminates the chance for damage to the exterior.
  • Low Pressure greatly reduces the chance for water penetration underneath the siding.
  • A Cleaner home due to our cleaning agents which allow the chemical to stick to the home and provide a deep clean.
  • Cost efficiency-reduced labor and setup times by eliminating the need for ladders or scaffolding so that you pay less.
  • Algae, mildew and mold are killed at a molecular level, so that your home stays cleaner longer.
  • Your home’s exterior is disinfected as well as cleaned.
  • Requires less water than cleaning with high pressure.

Areas We Clean:

  • Surfaces: Vinyl Siding, Stone, Soffits, Patios, Concrete, Decks, Fences
  • Flat Surfaces: Driveways, sidewalks, paver patios, decks, dumpster pads and more!

What We Do To Protect Your Property:

    • We always test our chemical on a small spot of your siding to make sure that it’s not going to alter the color at all. There are some paints with special organic pigments in them that will change colors if bleach is applied. If the color does change, then we cannot wash your house.
    • Tape off all exterior electrical outlets so that they are protected from water penetration (Most companies do not do this because it takes them longer).
    • Tape off doorbells, porch lights, and even your door if needed to protect from damage.
    • Pre-rinse any bushes or trees near the home so that our detergent is diluted when it comes in contact with them.
    • Post-rinse any bushes or trees near the home so that our detergent is removed.
    • If needed, we may use a tarp to protect a bush or tree that’s near your home.
    • We use the right amount of pressure for each surface.

We also offer many other power washing services other than house washing, which can be found by going to our Home Page link.

Homes We Service

  • Vinyl Homes
  • Brick Homes
  • Homes With Stucco
  • 1 Story Homes
  • 2 Story Homes
  • 3 Story Homes

Conrete Cleaning

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Affordable Prices!

  • 1 Story
  • $0.13Per Sq Ft

    • Standard House Wash
    • $199 Minimum
    • All Sizes: $0.13 per sq ft
    • Example: 1330 sq ft home at $0.13 per sq ft: $172 ($199 Since less than minimum)
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  • 2 Story
  • $0.13 Per Sq Ft

    • Standard House Wash
    • $199 Minimum
    • All Sizes: $0.13 per sq ft
    • Example: 2300 sq ft home at $0.13 per sq ft: $299
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  • 3 Story
  • $0.13 Per Sq Ft

    • Standard House Wash
    • $199 Minimum
    • All Sizes: $0.13 per sq ft
    • Example: 3069 sq ft home at $0.13 per sq ft: $399
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Soft Washing Experts

We are experts at soft washing so that your home gets the safest and best clean possible!

  • Our soft wash technique prevents water from getting behind siding or damaging its delicate surfaces
  • Promotes a safe and healthy property by removing harmful substances that can harm your home and it’s residents.
  • The soft wash method is safe (and efficient) for cleaning vinyl siding, stucco and bricks.
  • Combined with our specially formulated detergent, your home will get the best wash possible.
  • Money-back guarantee ⁠— we stand by our work and if you’re not thrilled with our service, we will give you your money back.

Softwash clean home siding

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Softwash clean home siding Concrete driveway after pressure washing steps-after-power-washing
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"Very respectful worker. I was so pleased with the results of the job Chris Kohl performed. I would highly recommend the service again"

Michelle Mckinney
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"The service was quick and professional, I highly recommend this business."

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"Great service, fast, dependable, and my house looks amazing, my Driveway has no more oil stains and looks like new, Highly recommend to everyone including my neighbors.."

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"Chris was great with communicating with me and did a great job........very easy to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone."